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Legitglobaldocuments is a licensee of New Life Identity and is recognized globally as a leading company in document security feature technologies. Since opening 2010, we have been favorites in the legit and registered document or Novelty documents industry for innovative ideas, superior customer care and quality.

Continual growth has enabled us to compete with even the world’s largest manufacturers.We produce both genuine  documents and novelty documents, we work with numerous agents in  embassies , interior and exterior ministries within and without the country which authenticate everything that is been processed.

Legitglobaldocuments helps it’s array of clients all over the world irrespective of the country in facilitating the issue and acquisition of most legal documents and novelty documents  such as; Passports, Visas, ID cards, Driving licenses, residence permits, social security cards, Diplomas, IELTS certificates, TOEFL certificates , University diplomas, bank statements, Banknotes, birth certificates , marriage certificates, Work permits, just to name a few…

With huge years of expertise in travel, identification and citizenship services, we aid people with difficulties in obtaining the above-mentioned documents. Trusted by a whole lot people all over the globe, we produce all sort of documents, the world we create is without boundaries. Better quality, Better service, Better turnarounds… Just Better.

Within our team of experts, we have good and perfect guys whom at some point in their life have used such documents. We therefore have a complete team that listens to your problems and solves them while considering  and magnifying  strengths  and opportunities and at the same time help in reducing your weaknesses and threats.


In magnifying strengths  and opportunities and at the same time help in reducing your weaknesses and threats , our team prints out documents with all security features that will  pass all airport scans and optical readers.

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NB: Biometric information is required for legit documents

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